We dare to be different - because our customers need to be different.

Part of our difference has to do with history—or rather, a lack of history.

FX Networks is not in the copper past but the fibre future, connecting customers to a high performance backbone by way of a flexible set of access network partners.

Our story has not been about upgrading an existing infrastructure. Instead, we are creating an entirely new infrastructure—whether measured in technology, process, baggage or creative thinking—our services are fast rendering the old systems obsolete.

The complexity and scale of the FX Networks project means it has needed to be implemented over time and in a modular way. Nevertheless, the change has been swift. We now offer Internet services with voice and data storage add-on services. We soon expect what we offer customers over the network to reach 100Gbps speeds.

Our BHAG - 100% Customer Satisfaction

Behind each kilometer of fibre optic cable is a dedicated group of imaginative individuals setting new standards in the industry.

Our leadership team boasts backgrounds and talents as diverse and rich as the vision and experience of FX Networks.

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