Wholesale voice and Internet provider Vocus and FX Networks has announced its New Zealand expansion with Vocus offering its International Ethernet and its flagship IP transit product to the New Zealand market from November 1, 2008.

Vocus is currently building its Auckland POPs based on Cisco’s SDH switches, specifically the Cisco ONS 15454. The initial deployment will include two locations including a POP at the Auckland Peering Exchange located at Sky Tower, directly connected to the FX Network.

The POPs will boost the quality and quantity of Internet in New Zealand with Vocus bringing significant capacity increases plus the first native IPv6 transit service to the country.

James Spenceley, CEO of Vocus also announced a multi-year, million-dollar international IP transit deal with New Zealand backbone operator FX Networks.

“FX Networks is one of the most forward thinking and fastest growing telecommunications companies in New Zealand and has again demonstrated its commitment to driving growth in the local market. We are delighted to be working with such a high profile and progressive customer, ” said Spenceley.

Jamie Baddeley, General Manager Sales for FX Networks adds, "This deal is a significant one. Not only does it add global diversity and technological capability to our high performance Internet backbone in NZ, but we're now able to deliver seamless Trans-Tasman private Ethernet services from major cities in NZ to major cities around Australia."

"Vocus is aligned with our values. Like us, they are focused on making communications fast, affordable and reliable. It was a simple decision."

Spenceley believes that to date, International Private Line capacity between Australia and New Zealand has been over priced and only available in quantities to suit the telecommunications elite.

“From November 1, Vocus and FX Networks will be offering international Ethernet between Australia and New Zealand in 10Mbps increments, opening the market for many more services and better quality connectivity between the two countries,” he said.

22 September 2008

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