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Although originally established to support FX Networks entry into the Network Services market, our fibre construction operation has developed into a core competency in its own right. The capabilities of the FX team include:

– Design: route design, specification developments, GIS documentation and preparation of necessary
   approvals prior to physical construction,
– Project Management and Supervisor functions,
– Civils: In addition to FX Networks own civils crews (drilling, rocksaw, ploughing, trenching and fibre blowing),
   FX Networks has an extensive network of sub-contractors who undertake civil construction to FX Networks
   design specification and supervision,
– Logistics: FX Networks has in-house administration and support functions to handle back-office ordering,
   consignment and resource management.


A critical success factor in building such a cost effective, national network has been the establishment of our own Civils construction capability. Over the past few years, FX Networks has introduced a number of techniques and standards to facilitate fast and efficient cable laying which have been leveraged not only across our own civils capability but also many of the sub-contractors we engage. Our existing team has a track record of laying new rural cable at a build rate of up to 130km per month, a capability we believe is unequalled in the country at present for rural fibre deployment. For example the recent project from Christchurch to Dunedin was completed in 19 weeks including implementation of PoP’s and electronics.

FX Networks has been very successful in collaborating with various parties to share in construction activities which has resulted in eliminating overbuild and significantly improving the business case for each party involved.

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FX Networks has arguably led the way in New Zealand towards the establishment of long-haul open-access fibre trading. FX Networks has a published list price for Dark Fibre sales, available to any prospective purchaser and, subject to maintaining/protecting integrity of the core network, unrestricted in use.

With over 4,200km of fibre installed throughout the country, the FX network has been recognised as a valuable platform for the establishment of core backbone fibre infrastructure for a number of large enterprise organisations (Telco and non-Telco) in New Zealand.

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FX Networks offers Layer 2 point-to-point 10GE, 40Gbps, 100Gbps and SDH services for specific requirements – generally for other carriers. 

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