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Our clients and partners enjoy the benefits of our philosophy to not cap, throttle, tamper or interfere with the flow of data on our fibre optic cables. At FX Networks; "we'll give you value that the others only talk about". We are a privately owned network with no legacy equipment, revenue, or confusion to protect. Join us and don't look back.


FX Networks is in the business of providing a pure Internet service. We don’t cache. We don’t bit-count. We don’t over subscribe. We don’t have data caps. We don’t differentiate traffic or skimp on interconnections. We do offer Fibre, Cisco technology, IPv6, a 100% core up-time guarantee, and 40 inter-network connections that move users closer and faster to their customers and data. We offer plans to meet the needs of business and ISPs.

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Archives, back-ups, file stores and data objects all need somewhere off-site to survive and having them web (cloud) accessible to you, your staff, and your clients (if you choose), adds further value. As an FX Networks Internet customer, you can connect our Cloud Data Container ‘CDC’ to your current data stores to yield additional and affordable safety, security, availability, and capacity. Free up disk space by archiving old file, click her to learn more.

Archival, Back-up, Compliance and Governance, Supplementary File Server, and Business Continuity are just some of the use cases. FX CDC couples high speed networking to world class EMC technology.

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SIP trunking is the prime technology to bring your telco bill into the Internet age. Clients have halved their bills by going VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) using SIP trunks on their SIP enabled PBX. Keep your existing phone numbers, just modernise the technology to carry your voice communication. Our Voice platform is the latest technology and runs on our fibre Internet network, you'll be in good hands.

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The Education Hub (EH) is a new service for NZ schools developed by Virtual Education Networks (VEN) Ltd (the same charitable entity that pioneered the development of SchoolZone in 2001 ). This new service is delivered over fibre.

The service will connect your school to the Internet (with no data caps), allowing students to browse the Internet safely and deliver new educational services that capitalise on high speed access - all at a fixed flat rate price.

The desire is to make the Internet experience for schools, teachers and students simple: access to appropriate websites without delays, a community of Education Hub schools that can connect, share and engage with each other through enjoying the benefits of aggregated demand, and high quality video conferencing at a fixed flat rate price.

Also visit: http://www.eh.school.nz/

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