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Our Pipeline services are designed for customers who wish to connect their business together “behind the firewall” to form a classic WAN architecture. Pipeline services provide customers with a point-to-point Ethernet service – think of it as a very long Ethernet cable between cities.

Pipeline is a high-performance direct private Ethernet networking service available from 10Mbps to ‘n’x 10Gbps. You can use it to construct a hub and spoke or mesh architecture to give you maximum control over how your traffic traverses our network. With Pipeline, there is no Quality of Service (QoS) complexity. Just straight high performance Layer 2 Ethernet running directly and privately between your business locations - we treat all of your traffic as top priority.

Pipeline features
‘Q in Q’ -Transparent Ethernet
Jumbo Frame support

Benefits of a private pipeline:
Fast, secure transfer of data
Layer 2 end-to-end - allows for applications such as video multicasting
No need for customer/provider routing coordination
Gives control of the WAN back to the customer
Transparent to customer provided QoS settings

Service Levels:
Latency: <30ms round-trip
Packet loss: <0.1%
Jitter: <15ms

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