In just a decade the FX Networks operation has progressed from being a nimble start-up to a trend-setting telecommunications infrastructure company - a movement that has happened nearly as quickly as the speed with which its fibre optic backbone network now pulses through the North and South Islands.

We are one of only three inter-city networks...

FX Networks owns and operates a national inter-city fibre optic network throughout New Zealand. This network provides high capacity, high-speed bandwidth. We have 35 ‘Meet us’ Points-of-Presence (PoPs) and operate from 58 locations throughout the North and South Island. Through our partners, we can access PoPs just about anywhere in the country. When we reach a city centre like Christchurch, we will partner with the local metro data circuit providers (e.g. Enable Networks or Chorus) to provide last mile connectivity to you.

Our fibre optic ‘backbone’ network is the fastest independent inter-city pipeline in New Zealand, capable of transferring data and voice at speeds up to 100Gbps.


Not only is our network best-in-class but we are also often the most affordable. Our 21st Century technology and lean business practices mean we can deliver more for less.


Rely on us for a high specification and robust solutions. You can have your own dedicated network. You don’t have to share. Your data won’t be sliced, diced or tiered and your service won’t be degraded due to overload by others.


We like to be easy to do business with. Our contracts are simple and transparent. Bills are based on flat rate pricing with no volume charges. We’re also good at building the kind of industry partnerships that solve problems and make life easier for our customers.


We’re not out to make the simple seem complex. And we care about transparency. For example, we give clients realtime access to the very same management system we use to maintain the network – so you can see what we see - in realtime.


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