David Heald

David Heald


“Even as a juvenile, the Internet has amongst many things, reshaped shopping, toppled governments, and is giving everyone knowledge beyond traditional bounds. A poignant comment I heard recently; “Five years ago we thought the Web was a new medium, not a new economy.” I am passionately determined that FX will do all that we can to ensure that NZ enterprises and individuals get the best telecommunications service possible to compete in the modern world.

Built in New Zealand, for New Zealand; we have spent a hell of a lot of money building a world-class inter-city fibre network. The right quality and quantity of physical facilities, people, and processes makes our Internet and WAN services among the best performing in the country. To complement this, we have a Construction team highly skilled in building new fibre networks. 

Investment cases for building new infrastructure like we have are often difficult, yet data volumes are exploding faster than we had ever imagined in our most optimistic moments. Undergoing the most significant changes in its history, only one thing is certain - our industry will have to keep changing to survive.

My vision is that one day ALL of New Zealand data traffic will traverse at least one part of its journey on the FX Network, be that on a Retail, Wholesale or IRU arrangement. We have a pragmatic view to business and a remorseless drive to be the lowest cost provider in our market.”