FX Networks international and domestic interconnections

The blueprint for 21st century communications is fibre for everything tethered, coupled with virtualisation of all resources. Why virtualisation? For the same reasons as Virtual Servers, Virtual Storage, and many other Virtual resources are so incredibly compelling and successful.

Nothing beats fibre for speed, cost, and reliability - Well that was true yesterday! Today we have our Intelligent Transport Network (ITN) that lights our fibre at 500 Gigabits per second so we can configure Virtual 10, 40, or 100Gbps circuits dynamically and independently of physical resources. Our goal to improve telecommunications for all New Zealanders started with a focus on running our own fibre between cities. Today its more about ‘more for less’, more speed, more routes, less delivery times, less cost.

To achieve our ITN we selected the Infinera DTN-X that integrates the world’s highest density 500 Gb/s PICs, upgradeable in the future to 1Tb/s, and offers 5 Tb/s of switching capacity today with up to 100Tb/s of capacity in the future that can be used for any mix of optical transport. New Zealand - We have your bandwidth needs covered!

For our Carrier Services clients, our DTN-X technology allows us to turn up multi Gigabit services in as little as 10 minutes with those services being self resilient as they auto re-route in the event of a fibre cut.

Our Government, enterprise, and business clients generally need sub-10Gbps circuits, and for this we have overlaid our ITN with a Cisco MPLS network for layer 2 (Pipeline) and layer 3 (Multi Site WAN). We overlay our Cisco MPLS network with a Cisco Internet Protocol (IP) Network to deliver our Internet services. We have recently added the use of Alcatel edge equipment to augment our range of connectivity.

Our technology stack also boasts EMC ATMOS storage, Fortinet security, and ACME Packet for Voice services. Our technology stack extends horizontally to incorporate ‘Whole of system’ operational monitoring, in-house power generation, physical security monitoring, and redundant operations centres.

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