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Our Internet Ecosystem

The Internet is after all Inter-Network access. FX Networks has an Internet Ecosystem which provides customers with what we regard as one of the most high performance and fully featured connectivity choices available in New Zealand. FX operates 40 dual diverse (where possible) connections into other networks, including:

  • International = 3 separate and independent international transit providers with load balancing across all circuits.
  • Google Cache
  • Akamai Cache
  • New Zealand Internet Exchange - NZIX
  • Auckland Peering Exchange
  • Hamilton Internet Exchange
  • Palmerston North Internet Exchange
  • Wellington Internet Exchange
  • APE6
  • WIX6
  • Christchurch Internet Exchange
  • Dunedin Peering Exchange
  • Telecom Exchange Peering = 19
  • Telecom Domestic Transit
  • Cross carrier Domestic Transit = 2

Our Internet Ecosystem has proven itself to be extremely capable in many diverse load situations as International and Domestic events have occurred over the last decade.

Our Network Ecosystems

FX Networks has a history of integrating
native and third party services as part of
overall solutions. We have relationships
with and handovers from Chorus, Telecom,
Vodafone, Vector, Citylink, Enable, Flute,
Network Tasman, InSPire, Unison and so on.
As LFC’s make handovers available
we will have footprints in POI. With the
implementation of UFB and RBI initiatives
this approach to delivering services is more
relevant than ever.

Our Partner Ecosystems

FX Networks has over 30 channel partners
that represent 30% of our annual revenue.
We are committed to growing these
relationships in I.T. and communications
for the benefit of our customers,
their customers, and New Zealand.

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